Ambien, the sleeping aid that is prescribed by many healthcare providers, has potential for abuse and misuse. This can lead to addiction to the sleeping aid and will affect the individual’s health and quality of life. To avoid becoming addicted to Ambien or to help someone who may already be addicted to the drug, one can take a look into the warning signs that show that the person is dependent on the drug or he can also refer online pharmacy sites to get rid from ambien addiction. Symptoms of Ambien addiction include:

  • Taking higher than the prescribed Ambien dose.
  • Take the Ambien pills even if it is not required to aid with sleep.
  • Unable to quit taking the Ambien because of the craving to feel its effects.
  • Occurrence of withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit taking Ambien.
  • Try to get the pills in any manner possible, even by visiting multiple doctors.
  • Taking Ambien during the daytime.

Withdrawal syndrome that occurs when the individual’s body has become dependent on the drug is seen in the form of panic attacks, dizziness, depression, trouble sleeping, nervousness, nausea, and stomach cramps. All these effects can be easily avoided by taking the drug exactly as advised by the general practitioner.

Why Ambien causes addiction and dependence

Tramadol with alcohol

Ambien, which is the trade name for the drug Zolpidem, works as a central nervous system depressant to produce sedative and hypnotic effects. The drug is classified as a non-benzodiazepine but with effects similar to a benzodiazepine. Ambien should always be taken at the lowest possible dose and for a short-term only. Increasing the dose on one’s own only raises the body’s dependence and tolerance level to the sleeping pill. Combining Ambien with other drugs or substances like alcohol to increase the effects is what ultimately leads to Ambien addiction. The risk of addiction is higher in persons who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse. When people get accustomed to the high of taking Ambien, they are unwilling to stop taking the medication and by then the body becomes completely dependent on the drug. It becomes almost impossible to stop taking the pills without experiencing withdrawal side effects, which is why it is important to seek professional help to overcome the addiction.

Ambien addiction treatment

The level of the Ambien addiction dictates the suitable treatment method. If it is very severe, then the person may require special care at a rehabilitation treatment facility. Ambien addiction can also be overcome by making certain changes to the lifestyle. Doctors can help with following the right Ambien taper by reducing the dose and frequency of drug use to gradually wean off the medication. Alternative drugs that have slightly similar effects but are less harmful may also be used to overcome the Ambien dependence. Using alternative methods to induce and regulate sleep patterns may also be followed. Other options include avoiding alcohol, smoking, or caffeine, going regularly for counseling sessions, reducing overall stress, and finding an environment that is conducive to promoting natural sleep. With all this and constant help at hand, the individual can easily overcome the addiction to Ambien.