People first start taking phentermine (Adipex) to lose weight from their body. People can order Phentermine online from reputed online pharmacies to get hold of the drug in quick time to start their weight loss treatment. But, some would try using this medication in a different way rather in a prescribed way and it is here the problem starts. It is the sad truth that, few among them does not know that they are abusing phentermine. Phentermine abuse is used by some people to get high. Many different methods of intake of phentermine are done by them. Some of them are snorting, injecting, smoking as well as chewing. When this is done more amount of Adipex is released at a single moment leading to drug overdose. This phentermine medication should be taken only for a few weeks of time and if you violate it, you might end up abusing the pills. Since this pill is accessible to each and every one, the rate of abusing phentermine is increasing day by day.

How do people start abusing phentermine?

Phentermine abusePhentermine drug (Adipex) is additive in nature and when it is used for a longer period of time; it could definitely be habit forming. When they take this medication for a prolonged span of time, their cravings towards this medication increases. They, in turn, increase the dosage strength of this medication to get high. Even people avoid trying to halt this medication because of the ill effects and withdrawal symptoms that they undergo every time whilst trying to stop this medication. This is the reason why phentermine is not prescribed for those who have a history of drug abuse or alcoholism. Though this medication is a prescription drug, some illegal online pharmacies provide Adipex without prescription to customers. This is also the reason behind the increase in the abuse rate of phentermine (Adipex). Hence, it is important for a user to login to an authentic online pharmacy to purchase Adipex drugs, to get hold of real Adipex pills at a cheap price without worrying about the quality of the medications.

What you should not take along with phentermine to avoid abuse?

There are certain things that should not be taken together. Phentermine drug should not be purchased and taken along with caffeine as both are the stimulants. There are two kinds of people, one of them take this with the lack of knowledge about it whereas the other would take it to get the effects that they receive after taking both together. Alcohol is also a substance that should not be taken together with phentermine pills. Both would affect the central nervous system delaying the activity of it and also leading to side effects.

How to identify whether you are abusing phentermine (Adipex)?

You should ask few questions to yourself and this would help you to identify whether you are abusing Adipex or not.

  • Am I taking this medication even if I didn’t lose weight from this?
  • Am I experiencing any ill effects but still continuing to use phentermine?
  • Am I taking the dose that is not prescribed by the doctor?
  • Do I crush, chew or inject phentermine to get high?
  • Am I purchasing this medication without prescription?

Identifying these abuse symptoms would help you to get the answer easily. If you find that you are abusing Adipex, get help from the medico to detox phentermine from your body.