Alcohol Beverage Control
Alcohol, despite being a harmful drink, is preferred by people all over the world. Drinking alcohol occasionally is fine but if consuming it every frequent hours would result in serious health complications. provides the following useful home remedies that will let people reduce the habit of taking alcohol and gradually making them to forget the dangerous spirit.


Grapes serve as a great alternative form of alcohol as they contain the alcohol preparation substance in them. Grapes have been considered to be the most effective home remedies to curb alcoholism and excessive drinking. Chew in a few grapes or sip a glass of grape juice whenever you crave to drink alcohol. With rich source of potassium, grapes help to maintain alkaline blood balance and also stimulates the functioning of the kidneys.

Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is believed by many to be an excellent remedy for alcohol addiction. People who are fond of drinking or feel the urge to taste alcohol every now and then can have a glass of bitter gourd juice along with butter milk early morning. This technique will work in making you forget the taste of alcohol slowly.


Apples, as everyone know, is an age old remedy to cure any illness. Apples further form the active ingredient of wine. With their curative remedy, apples can be taken in substitution of alcohol which will not only make the person lose the taste of alcohol but simultaneously will make the person get healthier too.


Dates are very nutritious and delicious. They have the healing effect in a person’s body and also can curb drug addiction. When a person bolts in few dates into his mouth, the rich flavor of the fruit can significantly improve addiction symptoms thereby enabling the person to fight alcohol addiction.