Adderall is a prescription medication often prescribed for the treatment of attention hyperactivity disorder, and narcolepsy. It is the seventh most prescribed drug in the world. It contains the active ingredient amphetamine of varying dosages. It is commonly available in the US in most retail stores and online pharmacies. Let’s now look at the reasons as to why users tend to buy generic Adderall 30mg online instead of the branded version of the same medication

Between generic and branded Adderall, there really exists no difference in terms of action. Both contain the same active ingredient while the inactive ingredients alone are different which by nature doesn’t cause any significant side-effects or issues in the individual.

Also long term users in general tend to prefer ordering generic Adderall online due to cheap prices and a whole host of other benefits such as quick delivery, a dedicated team of online pharmacists and doctors, lenient prescription requirements, bulk quantities and plenty of discounts, offers and coupons announced time and again on the portal. Also for customers who order Adderall either at retail or online stores, it is imperative that the customer carries a valid prescription while buying the medication. In case he doesn’t have one he may be able to buy this ADHD pill online instead, by opting to see an online doctor. They may be able to recommend medication after assessing the patient’s medical condition. However, most online pharmacies have lenient prescription requirements and usually sell Adderall if they feel there is a genuine need for the user.

Although medical insurance may not be available to customers buying Adderall online, it still doesn’t matter as they may be able to save a ton of money on drug costs. In general Adderall online buyers may be able to save anything between two to three times the costs of buying the exact same pill with insurance. So, the two sources cannot be compared at all in terms of price at least.

What are the exact price differences between generic and branded Adderall?

Let’s look at the prices of generic and branded Adderall available at both online and retail stores in the US. The dosages vary from 5mg all the way up to 30mg.

For most customers the choice basically lies between generic and branded version of Adderall. Branded Adderall is quite expensive and in general is out of reach for millions of Americans who don’t have any medical insurance. The discounts too offered in retail stores are peanuts ranging between three and five percent of the listed price.

Retail costs of branded Adderall 20mg vary between $168 and $184 for thirty capsules, while the 10mg variant ranges between $140 and $155. However those buying generic version of the Adderall may be able to do so at a fraction of the cost incurred. For example, in retail stores thirty pills of generic Adderall 20mg costs between $28 and $50, while thirty capsules of 10mg dosage range between $15 and $30. In contrast online pharmacies sell Adderall 20mg for anything between $14 and $26 for thirty capsules, while the 10mg variant ranges between $7 and $15. In general buying these pills online makes a lot of sense for the average American customer.